Dose Escalation for Optimizing Regorafenib Treatment
Dr. Bekaii-Saab and Dr. Ahn discuss the best approach and clinical benefits of optimizing the dose of Regorafenib for improved outcomes. View Video ›

Characterization of Regorafenib-Associated Side Effects
Dr. Bekaii-Saab and Dr. Ahn review the most common side effects associated with Regorafenib and when to expect the highest incidence of occurrence during treatment. View Video ›

Caring for the Caregiver in NSCLC

Common Questions from NSCLC Patients and Their Caregivers

Psychosocial Support for the NSCLC Patient

Educating NSCLC Patients on Adverse Event Management

The Impact of New Driver Mutations on Treatment of NSCLC

Educating Patients About the Need to Wait for Biomarker Test Results

Explaining the Treatment Trajectory in NSCLC

Reflecting on Advances in NSCLC Treatment Over the Past 10 Years

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