Differences in NSCLC Patient Populations
Dr. Edward Garon speaks about how differences in patient populations with lung cancer can make it difficult to interpret and act on data. View Video ›

Choosing the Right Therapy for Patients with NSCLC
Dr. Edward Garon shares an anecdote about an interesting NSCLC case from his practice. View Video ›

Immunotherapies and Lung Cancer
Dr. Edward Garon explains how he discusses immunotherapies with patients. View Video ›

My Practice: Roles and Responsibilities
Dr. Edward Garon describes how staff at his practice interacts with patients. View Video ›

Challenges in Managing Toxicities
Dr. Edward Garon believes it's important to recognize that agents without efficacy are not beneficial to the patient despite low toxicity. View Video ›

Accreditation - A Double-Edged Sword
Accreditation is important in setting standards. Dr. Bosserman explains, however, that as funding has dried up, fewer hospitals are willing to put up the money in pursuit of an accreditation that no one is requiring. View Video ›

Proactively Providing Services
Vicki Kennedy stresses that there are many ways to engage patients in conversations about what they need as part of their cancer care. She suggests that the best tip is to locate resources and be proactive in asking patients about their needs rather than waiting until the patient is in crisis to get them services. View Video ›

Leading the Way to New Standards
Vicki Kennedy emphasizes the shift that the cancer community is taking in providing support for emotional, psychological, and social aspects of care. She sites the Commission on Cancer as a leader in developing new standards for navigation services, distress screening, and survivorship care planning. View Video ›

Implementing Standards Improves Practice
Vicki Kennedy dispels the myth that implementing new patient-centered standards will create new burdens on the practice. Research suggests that once these standards are in place, efficiency and effectiveness of the practice are actually improved and patients receive better quality of care. View Video ›

Resources for Implementing Standards
Vicki Kennedy discusses some of the resources available for practices to use in implementing new patient-centered standards. View Video ›

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