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What Patients Need to Know About How to Manage Hand-Foot Syndrome Reaction
Provide expectations and practical management tips for patients surrounding hand-foot syndrome reaction. View Video ›

Barriers to Care for Multiple Myeloma Patients

Closely Monitoring of Regorafenib-Related Side Effects: When and Why

Empowering the Patient Voice: Genomic Testing and Cancer Care Decisions
In this roundtable discussion presented by AONN+ and supported by Exact Sciences, a panel of experts discuss the critical role of nurse navigators in educating cancer patients about genomic testing and how to interpret the results. View Video ›

Clinical Management of Hand-Foot Syndrome Reaction Associated with Regorafenib Treatment
Describe the clinical implications of preemptive use of steroid cream and provide recommendations for patients in the management of hand-foot syndrome reaction. View Video ›

Dose Escalation for Optimizing Regorafenib Treatment
Discuss the best approach and clinical benefits of optimizing the dose of Regorafenib for improved outcomes. View Video ›

Characterization of Regorafenib-Associated Side Effects
Review the most common side effects associated with Regorafenib and when to expect the highest incidence of occurrence during treatment. View Video ›

Caring for the Caregiver in NSCLC

Common Questions from NSCLC Patients and Their Caregivers

Psychosocial Support for the NSCLC Patient

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