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To reduce cancer-related cognitive impairment, there may be a benefit to targeting specific inflammatory processes. Read More ›

Quality of social support may impact patients’ disease understanding and should be considered when creating clinical interventions. Read More ›

Differences in patient characteristics, CDK4/6 inhibitor schedule, treatment duration, and discontinuation rates may contribute to differences in outcomes. Read More ›

Despite guideline recommendations, a retrospective study found inadequate biomarker testing rates to direct targeted therapy. Read More ›

Researchers highlighted promising research into early-stage diagnostics and therapies for NSCLC harboring the KRAS G12C mutation discussed in a review article. Read More ›

A recent study found that chronic pneumonitis is a rare complication of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in patients with NSCLC. Read More ›

A retrospective analysis demonstrated a 10-point difference in receipt of NGS testing between white and black patients with NSCLC. Read More ›

Recently released study results report similar chemo-immunotherapy outcomes in KRAS-mutant NSCLC subtypes and poor results in patients with concurrent STK11 and/or KEAP1 mutations. Read More ›

A recently released retrospective study demonstrates that NSAID use in patients with NSCLC enhances immune checkpoint efficacy. Read More ›

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